How To Become A Licensed Manicurist in Texas

How To Become A Licensed Manicurist in Texas
Posted on September 19th, 2023

In the heart of Texas, where beauty and artistry flourish, the role of a manicurist has seen a resurgence in demand. 

The meticulous art of nail design and care is more than just a profession; it's a passion and an expression of individual style. 

Many beauty enthusiasts are now turning their attention to the world of nails, seeking ways to make a mark and offer impeccable services. 

But before diving deep into this rewarding career, it's essential to be equipped with the right knowledge and, more importantly, the right license. 

Texas, known for its high standards in beauty services, mandates a formal license for practicing manicurists. This ensures that services rendered are not just exquisite but also safe. 

So, if you're contemplating a career as a manicurist in the Lone Star State, you're in for an exciting journey ahead.

Understanding the Role: What is a Manicurist?

When you think about the beauty industry, hair, makeup, and skincare might come to mind. But tucked within this vast realm is the world of manicure, an art that has been adored for centuries.

Daily Tasks & Responsibilities

A manicurist's day is filled with more than just applying nail polish. From prepping the nails, ensuring cleanliness, applying treatments to designing intricate patterns, the role is diverse and ever-evolving.

Artistry in Manicure

Beyond the fundamental tasks, being a manicurist is about understanding color palettes, textures, and creating designs that resonate with a client's persona. Each nail is a canvas waiting for a masterpiece.

The Growing Allure

The demand for specialized nail services has been on a steady rise. With innovations like gel nails, acrylics, and nail extensions, clients now seek professionals who are not just trained but are also passionate about the craft.

The Journey to a Texas Manicurist License

Embarking on the journey to become a licensed manicurist in Texas is a path filled with dedication, practice, and learning. The state of Texas sets a high bar for those who wish to join this thriving profession, ensuring that every manicurist meets specific criteria to uphold the standards of the beauty industry.

Step-by-Step Licensing Guide

Education: The first and foremost step is obtaining an education from a recognized manicurist school. This ensures that you have the foundational knowledge and practical skills required for the job.

State License Requirements: Texas mandates that aspiring manicurists pass both a written and practical test. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the trade.

Pay Licensing Fees: Once the tests are cleared, there's a nominal fee to be paid for the manicurist license in Texas. This is the final step before you receive the official certification.

Maintaining Your License

Staying updated is crucial. The beauty industry, especially the niche of manicure, sees frequent innovations. Texas may require periodic renewal of the license, ensuring that professionals remain at the top of their game.

Choosing the Right Manicurist School

The foundation of a successful manicurist career lies in choosing the right school. It's more than just about getting a certificate; it's about immersing yourself in an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and hands-on learning.

Reputation & Curriculum

Look for schools, like 89 Beauty School, that have established a name for themselves in the beauty industry. A good curriculum is balanced with both theory and practical lessons. At 89 Beauty School, the salon itself becomes the classroom, an innovative approach ensuring students get real-world experience.

Location & Facilities

Based in prime locations such as Houston, Cypress, Katy, & Spring, the accessibility and state-of-the-art facilities at a school play a pivotal role. It's essential for students to have access to modern tools and techniques, elevating their learning experience.

Values & Philosophy

It's not just about learning the craft; it's about imbibing values that will guide you throughout your career. 89 Beauty School stands out with its commitment to environmental responsibility, lifelong learning, and giving back to society.

The Value Proposition: 89 Beauty School's Manicurist Course

A great manicurist career starts with an excellent education. And when you're seeking the best, 89 Beauty School's Manicurist Course stands out as a premier choice. This isn't just a claim; it's a commitment that resonates throughout our course structure, faculty, and teaching methodology.

Course Offerings & Duration

Our Manicurist Course is designed to be comprehensive yet flexible. We offer both full-time and part-time options. Dive deep into the intricacies of the profession with our 6-month full-time program or choose our 10-month part-time course if you're juggling other commitments.

Cost & Investment

At $6,199, we ensure that every dollar you invest returns as knowledge, experience, and a step closer to your dream career. And to ease the journey, we offer an upfront deposit option of $1000.

Hands-on Learning Experience

The salon is not just a place for services; at 89 Beauty School, it's your classroom. This unique approach means you're not just learning theory but are constantly applying it, catering to a trendy and diverse clientele. It's real-world experience, right from day one.

Building a Profitable Manicurist Career

Once you've mastered the art and craft of manicuring, the world is your oyster. But mastering the skill is just the beginning. The true essence of success lies in understanding the market, leveraging your skills, and constantly evolving.

Manicurist Salary & Growth

The beauty industry has seen consistent growth, and with it, the demand for skilled manicurists. With a solid foundation, the manicurist salary can be both rewarding and competitive, reflecting your expertise and experience.

Business Opportunities

With your manicurist license in Texas, you're not limited to just a job. The license paves the way for numerous opportunities. From setting up your own salon, collaborating with beauty brands, to even offering specialized nail art workshops, the horizon is vast and inviting.

Staying Updated

In a profession as dynamic as this, staying updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques is paramount. Continuous learning and professional development ensure that you remain a sought-after expert in the field.


Embarking on a journey to become a licensed manicurist in Texas is undoubtedly rewarding. The beauty industry, with its constant evolution and demand, offers a plethora of opportunities for those passionate about nail art and care. 

89 Beauty School is not just a school; it's a community that thrives on values, responsibility, and the promise of imparting industry-leading education. Our unique approach, where the salon is your classroom, ensures you get the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. 

With our manicurist course, you're not just gaining a profession; you're imbibing a lifestyle that stands for excellence, creativity, and growth. As you look to step into the vibrant world of manicuring, remember that the right education and values will be your guiding stars. And if you ever find yourself pondering questions or seeking the best path forward, reach out to us at (832) 4276438 or [email protected]

Your dream career is just around the corner, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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